More Install Information


BannerSaver can be installed via a bolt instead of banding.

-BannerSaver Small – BannerSaver Large: Install with a 3/8″ bolt.
-BannerSaver XL: Install with 1/2″ bolt.

-Note: BannerSaver will spill wind regardless of its mounting on a pole or wall.  However, the customer is responsible for all wall mounted installations and warranties do not apply due to the wide variation in walls. 


With regular maintenance, your BannerSaver will last for years, protecting banners and reducing light pole liabilities.  We recommend the following maintenance schedule:

-Return to the install site within 2-4 weeks of the first install to tighten bands if necessary.

– Check on banding once a quarter and/or after high wind storms.  It may be necessary to tighten or replace banding from time to time.

-Note: All banding of any kind, form any company, requires maintenance.  Heavy banding costs more up front but till reduce maintenance costs in the long run. 


Britten, Inc. provides a ten-year warranty on BannerSaver against product design, manufacturing, and its wind-spilling capabilities as outlined in the BannerSaver Wind Tunnel Test Report and assuming proper installation methods.  During this warranty period, Britten, Inc. will replace or repair BannerSaver.  This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is in lieu of all other warranties either expressed or implied for a period of ten years from the date of purchase.  Britten, Inc. will not warrant the following: SHIPPING; customer is to bear all shipping expense to return the unit to Britten.  LABOR; associated with the removal or installation.  DAMAGE; caused by misuse, neglect, abuse, accidents, alterations, corrosive environments and any other abnormal service conditions.  This warranty specifically dose not include product damage due to weather conditions rated F-0) and higher (65 mph) on the national Weather Service Fujita Scale.

Claims against the warranty must include:
-Clear pictures of installations, including proper banding; and
-National Weather Service reporting based on the day of inquiry.

BannerSaver customers recognize that performance related products like BannerSaver require occasional maintenance including checking for loose banding and/or the replacement of bands.  Britten encourages customers to remove light pole banners from poles when a known F-0 or higher storm is expected.

Important notes:
-The customer is responsible for all wall mounted installations and warranties do not apply due to the wide variation in walls.
-Domestic (United States) sales to resellers and end-users are made upon the explicit, mutual understanding that all installations will be within the United States unless previously agreed upon in writing.