BannerSaver Maintenance

New shoe laces.  Oil for your car.   A new chain for your bike.  RAM for your laptop.  Sealant for your driveway.  Stain for your deck.  Polish for your shoes.  Grease for your garage door.


A quality light pole banner bracket system like BannerSaver will operate the same for many years but there are components of the bracket system that do require maintenance.  With a little care and forethought, increased efforts and expenses can be greatly minimized.


Banding is essentially the necessary evil of all pole banner hardware systems.  You can install the very best bracket in the world, but if the banding shifts over time (usually due to storms), then the very best brackets can’t perform as expected.

– Run a ground-based, visual check of all brackets on a quarterly basis, or after a big storm.  If brackets appear to have shifted from their original position, then straighten, tighten or replace banding as necessary.

– Check your installation 2-4 weeks after your initial install.

– If some locations are requiring more maintenance, consider Heavy Banding over Standard Banding.  Heavy Banding generally requires less maintenance than other banding systems.

– If you change-out banners on a regular basis, this is an easy and convenient time to check, tweak or replace banding.

– Make sure your install methods are utilizing ‘best practices’ such as a double wrap of the pole with Heavy Banding. Consult the installation videos for more information on installs.

Although banding is the most common area of required maintenance, Zip Ties and Pins may also need to be occasionally replaced.  If you are changing out banners, then you will be utilizing new zip ties.  If your banners are up for prolonged periods and are subject to a lot of wind (with the wind-spilling action of BannerSaver put to its test a lot), then zip ties and pins will eventually stretch to the point of needing replacing.  It is impossible to put a timeline on this need and will be 100% dependent on the weather conditions at your location-which will b very variable and unpredictable over any given amount of time.